Promotions & Discounts


Purchase over HKD2500 on a single order to become our permanent VIP! 

Customers who become our VIP will enjoy a 15% off on every future orders

A welcome email will be sent out with our private VIP discount code once the above requirements are fulfilled. ​

Anyone who has already became our VIP before Feb 2023, remains the same discount.  


How is the discount applied?
All discounts are applied before shipping charges occur.

How do I get my VIP's discount code? 
For customers purchase through Her's website, a VIP discount code will be sent after the total sum of orders reaches the specified amount. 


Can I use two promo codes at the same time? 
No. Promo code is only applicable to one order at a time. 


Can I have extra discounts when there is a promotion? 
Yes. VIP discount is applicable to all other promotions. 

How long do your promotions last?
Each promotion is different and last different amounts of time. You can join our Facebook or Instagram to see the latest product sales and promotions.

I noticed that my item was discounted after I purchased it full price, can I still get the discount?
Unfortunately, we are unable to honor past promotions or give additional discounts on past purchases. After the order is place it is considered final. We hope that you will be able to take advantage of future promotions.

I missed the promotion deadline, can I still get the discount?
You are only able to take advantage of our promotions for as long as the promotions run for and we are unable to extend promotions.

Where can I find out about future promotions?
The best way to find out about current and future promotions is by joining our Facebook & Instagram.

Last update: Feb 2023